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Lois Griffel
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Both Eric and Kathryn have wonderful interview skills. They made me very comfortable and at ease. The podcast and the interviews are very different. Friends and students have told me they can hear the friendliness we shared.

If you enjoy them, please let them know.

Thank you,

Lilacs on the fence Once you enter the glorious world of Impressionist color you will never go back.

My eyes were opened to seeing 'the light' by the great artist and teacher, Henry Hensche. Hensche dedicated his life's work to the principles of Impressionism and did not consider it a separate painting approach. I believe, as he did, that Impressionism is the universal foundation of beautiful color in all contemporary painting today.

If you are a beginning artist, I am delighted to have the opportunity to introduce you to the joys of painting 'en plein aire.' If you have been painting for a long time and wish to take your work to new and greater heights, then you have come to a great starting place.

Monet said: "Anything under the sun is beautiful if you have the vision."

It is a great privilege for me to pass this vision on to you.

Lois Griffel

I was interviewed by Katherine Lloyd about teaching and Impressionism.
Also, check out for more interviews with other artists.


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