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Workshops Daily Schedule

Lois at a workshop on the Isle of Surla Sorge If you are planning on attending a workshop, I want to thank you in advance. I really appreciate your participation and look forward to meeting you.

All participants are invited to an orientation on the Sunday night before the workshop. This is an informal get-together to give everyone a chance to meet and get acquainted. We cover topics such as meeting places, cars, food, and many other important aspects of the week. I present a slide show of paintings which introduces many aspects of the color theory. My mission: to get everyone excited about the week ahead.

I suggest you have dinner before the gathering which meets about 7 PM. Light refreshments are served and it usually lasts about two hours.

The slide show is open to friends and relatives too. I hope that you won’t miss it!

The workshop begins on Monday morning at 9AM. The class lasts minimally until 4 PM.

We meet every morning at a central location and then travel to a nearby location. Monday morning consists of a lecture and demo which covers many important topics. It is recommended to bring a comfortable folding chair to use throughout the week. I encourage you to take notes and photographs throughout the workshop, and if you wish, you can also bring voice and video recorders too.

Monday morning’s presentation is the foundation of the class. Each successive morning is started with a shorter demo and a review based on the lessons from the previous day. There are many impromptu demos during each class session, so you will appreciate having chairs.

There will be at least a one-hour lunch break. You will know in advance whether or not to bring food. If we need extra lunch time to relax during lunch, I am always happy to stay later in the afternoon.

On many beautiful evenings, we may also venture out and do some evening or sunset paintings too. I want you to work hard, learn lots and have a wonderful time doing it!

Schedule · Daily Schedule · Information · Registration and Order Form


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