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Painting Impressionist ColorI am delighted to announce that my new book, Painting Impressionist Color is now available.

My first book, Painting the Impressionist Landscape, encouraged hundreds of students to study at the Cape Cod School of Art. The school, established in 1899 by Charles Hawthorne, was a major proponent of Impressionism. I was surprised to discover that many students believed that studying color was a separate pursuit from classical painting. I was even more surprised to learn that they had difficulty applying the color theory to their previous painting styles. To show that Impressionism has actually influenced and been incorporated into all painting styles is the reason for this book.

"Impressionism" is not an isolated movement in painting, but is the foundation of color in contemporary realism. All artists painting realistically outdoors, or 'en plein air' have been influenced by Impressionist color. Plein air societies have sprung up all over the United States with artists are taking to the fields shedding the confines of studio work. Interestingly, many of these artists do not consider themselves "Impressionists" although color is a major inspiration for painting outdoors.

Painting Impressionist Color will show that Impressionism is not, and has never been, a separate painting method. It is the foundation of all contemporary realistic painting. It will help you enhance the color in yours no matter what your style or approach. With hundreds of images and 10 demos, I hope you will find my new book to be the perfect addition to your Impressionist library.

Buy this book through
Buy this book through Amazon.

Painting the Impressionist Landscape

My first book, Painting the Impressionist Landscape, was published in 1994 by Watson-Guptill Publications. I am happy to say that it has finally sold out of its third hard copy printing.

However, I am honored to say it has been has been re-published in a paperback version.

I hope that both books will give you new insight and inspiration for adding beautiful color into your paintings.

Thank you.

Buy this book through Barnes and Noble.
Buy this book through Amazon.

Provincetown Banner Review - 1-26-11

I received a fabulous review from the Provincetown Banner on January 26, 2011. Click on the image at left for an enlarged version.

Following is the Ad used by Watson-Guptill to announce the publication of my first book in Paperback format. Click on the image for an enlargement.

Painting Impressionist Color - click for an enlarged version

Some comments received on my book and videos:

"Received your third video and have watched it several times, each time gaining more understanding. Your instruction is clear and precise as usual.

When I purchased your book in 1995, I started to see color as never before and to finally understand what Charles Hawthorne was talking about in his book, which I had read previously.

"Of all the art books that I've purchased over the years (I must have close to a hundred) yours has helped me the most. Likewise with your videos. I hope you do more of both. They are so helpful. Thanks again."

J. W.
Chicago, IL


I got the new video early this week and it's the best video I've seen yet.

Your information and demonstration of impressionistic technique and problem solving is great. Even with only a quick first time run through I picked up much and can tell there'll be more on the "reruns." Thank you."

A. L.
Austin, Texas

"Dynamic....Exciting....Lucious.....Yummy.....Juicy, best of all such a great and valuable workshop experience all in two hours...but a lifetime of study material. As you was worth the wait."

Thank you Lois,
R. F.
Clear Oaks, California

"Your new video is "FABULOUS"!

I think you have given any student of painting, truly a place to start painting their subject and a pathway to its successful conclusion. What a great video, with all the hints and informative ideas you provided."

D. D.
New Hampshire

"I want to thank you for the wonderful book "Painting the Impressionist Landscape". I have been an illustrator for 20 years and teach figure drawing on the west coast. Your book opened my eyes."

J. B., California

"I'm a beginner in painting. I just wanted to say that I love your book "Painting the Impressionist landscape." Thank you for writing it. I've been through many painting books, but none was as useful as yours was in the training of and deciphering color."

K.C., San Diego

"Your book and videos are excellent and have opened up my world to color.....I'm even dreaming in vivid color now... Thank you Lois for opening up eyes."


"I just wanted to thank you for a very insightful, video. I enjoyed it so much I just ordered the second video. You come across as very confident and skilled and you pack a whole lot into two hours. thanks also for the great visuals. I am very pleased with the tape and will watch it again until I absorb every detail. Thanks again."

Bill C.


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