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Three DVDs

Thank you for your interest in my DVD's. I am very pleased with the results and hope that you will be too!

The DVD's have been created from my original set of videos which received enthusiastic comments.

The DVD format is so much easier to use than the VHS. DVD's offer easy repeat of lessons with the advantage of looking more closely at a single brushstroke or color change. With easier access to 'chapters ' and stop action to give you time to study something at your leisure and make notes, DVD's make the learning experience more accessible and uncomplicated.

Learning to Paint the Impressionist Landscape
2 Disk combination set

DVD 1 - Basics of Light and Color
DVD 2 - Landscape Lessons

4 hours of instruction

DVD 1 - Basics of Light and Color

DVD 1 -  Basics of Light and Color This DVD is a detailed introduction to the color theory complete with a sunny day block study, cloudy day block study and rounded objects on a sunny day. Although this is covered extensively in my book, the great benefit of the DVD is being able to watch the application of paint, and seeing the studies come to life.

There are lessons within lessons so the viewer can see other painting techniques, comparative examples, visual advice and information. The text is aided by Helpful Hints that run across the screen. These DVD tools add an important dimension to the lessons, which cannot be done in a live presentation.

DVD 2 - Landscape Lessons

DVD 2 -  Landscape Lessons This video is a follow up to DVD 1 applying the color theory to landscape painting. There are two completed lessons which are filmed on location, not in a studio. Additional information, lessons within lessons, helpful hints are also employed.

Lesson I: Cape Cod House, picket fence, garden and red trees

Lesson II: Panorama Landscape of Dunes and trees

Single DVD 3 - Using Photography as a tool

DVD 3 - Using Photography as a tool This DVD fulfills two important needs. First it demonstrates how photography of any type, can help train you to learn to see, simply and easily in your own home or studio. This is followed up with two completed paintings from photographs, demonstrating how to apply the lessons learned from these altered images.

Lesson I: Foot bridge and old European Town

Lesson II: Light and shadows from a large Oak tree draped with moss

The techniques on the videos are universal. You will be able to apply these lessons to any painting medium of your choice.

Each DVD runs for two hours with constant commentary throughout. They are produced by Vortex Video, Mark Birnbaum videographer.

You can purchase my DVDs at my galleries, or place an order through the registration form on this website, or mail a check, M.O. or credit card information to:

Lois Griffel,
3363 S. Calle del Albano
Green Valley, AZ USA
85622 (please note zip code change)

To order online please use the links below. International orders have a higher shipping rate and the ordering buttons are at the bottom.

2 DVD Set: #1: Basics of Light and Color & #2: Landscape Lessons
$95.00 plus $3.95 S&H

DVD #3: Using Photography as a Tool - $60.00 plus $3.95 S&H

All three DVD's - $140.00 plus $4.95 S&H

For international shipping, please use the ordering buttons below.

2 DVD Set: #1: Basics of Light and Color & #2: Landscape Lessons
$95.00 plus $10.95 international S&H

DVD #3: Using Photography as a Tool - $60.00 plus $10.95 international S&H

All three DVD's - $140.00 plus $10.95 international S&H

I hope that you enjoy my DVD's.


Some comments received on my book and videos:

"Received your third video and have watched it several times, each time gaining more understanding. Your instruction is clear and precise as usual.

When I purchased your book in 1995, I started to see color as never before and to finally understand what Charles Hawthorne was talking about in his book, which I had read previously.

"Of all the art books that I've purchased over the years (I must have close to a hundred) yours has helped me the most. Likewise with your videos. I hope you do more of both. They are so helpful. Thanks again."

J. W.
Chicago, IL


I got the new video early this week and it's the best video I've seen yet.

Your information and demonstration of impressionistic technique and problem solving is great. Even with only a quick first time run through I picked up much and can tell there'll be more on the "reruns." Thank you."

A. L.
Austin, Texas

"Dynamic....Exciting....Lucious.....Yummy.....Juicy, best of all such a great and valuable workshop experience all in two hours...but a lifetime of study material. As you was worth the wait."

Thank you Lois,
R. F.
Clear Oaks, California

"Your new video is "FABULOUS"!

I think you have given any student of painting, truly a place to start painting their subject and a pathway to its successful conclusion. What a great video, with all the hints and informative ideas you provided."

D. D.
New Hampshire

"I want to thank you for the wonderful book "Painting the Impressionist Landscape". I have been an illustrator for 20 years and teach figure drawing on the west coast. Your book opened my eyes."

J. B., California

"I'm a beginner in painting. I just wanted to say that I love your book "Painting the Impressionist landscape." Thank you for writing it. I've been through many painting books, but none was as useful as yours was in the training of and deciphering color."

K.C., San Diego

"Your book and videos are excellent and have opened up my world to color.....I'm even dreaming in vivid color now... Thank you Lois for opening up eyes."


"I just wanted to thank you for a very insightful, video. I enjoyed it so much I just ordered the second video. You come across as very confident and skilled and you pack a whole lot into two hours. thanks also for the great visuals. I am very pleased with the tape and will watch it again until I absorb every detail. Thanks again."

Bill C.


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